MW07 True Wireless Earphones look really great

by Edwin - on October 2, 2018

Going wireless has been the mantra for quite some time now among device manufacturers, and it makes perfect sense. Wireless charging gets rid of having to tote around a pesky cable, while having a pair of wireless earphones allows you to move about freely while enjoying your music without missing a beat. While there are numerous models to pick from in the market, premium audio company Master & Dynamic decided …

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WEEBILL LAB stabilizer from Zhiyun Tech

by Edwin - on October 1, 2018


Zhiyun Tech might not be a household name at this point in time, but the company is certainly going places. Their latest release is the WEEBILL LAB stabilizer that was specially developed for mirrorless cameras. The name might sound rather curious at first, but it has been christened as such after Australia’s smallest songbird, where it offers a light, compact and nimble stabilizer body that’s filled with features while delivering …

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SteelSeries takes the limited edition route with mouse and mousepad

by Edwin - on September 30, 2018


Remember how Counter-Strike used to be all the rage those years ago when the Half-Life mod grew to be a global phenomenon? Well, it is still a very popular game today, although there are other attractive alternatives around. SteelSeries has worked with Valve to churn out a limited-edition line of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) branded peripherals, where this new mouse and mousepad will boast of a design that is based …

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Instant Print Camera for iPhone

by Edwin - on September 29, 2018


For many of us these days, the smartphone is our ultimate photo shooter. Everywhere we go, from holidays to weekly outings at a favorite coffee joint, will often yield Insta-worthy photos that look great on those notched displays. However, sorting out all those photos can be quite a chore, and to print them out? Who does that anyway? Lifeprint Products wants to bring together both the old and the new …

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Comau reveals MATE the wearable exoskeleton

by Edwin - on September 28, 2018


Can you remember the day when you watched Aliens? The exoskeleton in the movie that kicked the alien’s ass was rather crude in design, but it got the job done. Fast forward to today, and we have all kinds of technology that has enabled humans to work better and more efficiently, and Comau intends to jump aboard that bandwagon. Being a global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions, Comau has …

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Tribit XBoom Bluetooth Speaker

by Edwin - on September 27, 2018


When it comes to wireless audio, there are two main segments in the consumer electronics market: the wireless headphones and wireless speaker markets. After all, nobody likes to get in a tangled mess when listening to their favorite tunes, and with battery technology having made advancements, one can enjoy wireless audio for hours on end without having to look for a power outlet. Tribit has come up with their all-new …

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Polar Vantage M multisport watch revealed

by Edwin - on September 26, 2018


When it boils down to wearable sports and fitness technology, there is one name out there that has continued to break new ground for more than 40 years: Polar. The company’s latest offering arrives in the form of the Polar Vantage M, which is an all-in-one multisport watch that will enable serious athletes to enjoy advanced performance metrics alongside a new Smart Coaching without having to break a bank. Accompanying …

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Polar Vantage V multisport watch

by Edwin - on September 25, 2018


Owning a watch is something that most of us do, but how many of us see the watch as more than just a timekeeping device? For folks who lead an extremely active life, and would like to measure their physical activity and performance, the name of Polar certainly comes to mind. This time around, the Polar Vantage V will gather more than four decades of expertise in the fitness arena …

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