LG Watch W7 takes the hybrid route

by Edwin - on October 22, 2018

Smartwatches might be able to make you more efficient, but this does not mean that the ordinary watch industry is going to die a slow and painful death. On the contrary, it seems that analog timepieces are back in vogue, and while certain high street labels such as Armani have come up with their own range of smartwatches, there is still a huge market for traditional watches. LG has released …

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SteelSeries Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse

by Edwin - on October 21, 2018


Are you a gaming enthusiast? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably have a particular gaming hardware brand that you are partial to. For those who are diehard SteelSeries fans, here is a new gaming mouse that might just pique your interest if you feel that your gaming sessions have reached a plateau, limited by the hardware that you use. The industry-changing Rival 650 wireless …

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Bezalel Prelude wireless charger enters its second iteration

by Edwin - on October 20, 2018


Wireless charging has become a common feature in many mobile devices, smartphones especially. The higher end models tend to feature the ability to get powered up sans pesky cables, adding to the overall cool factor. However, most wireless charging points are static, but Bezalel intends to change all of that with the Prelude, a wireless charger that is the first of its kind. Touted to be the first portable wireless …

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Sony Cyber-shot HX99 packs quite the zoom

by Edwin - on October 19, 2018


Dedicated digital cameras are a dying breed, which is why when Sony announced the Cyber-shot HX99, it certainly raised some eyebrows in the industry. What makes the Cyber-shot HX99 different from all of the other digital cameras that Sony has rolled out in the past? For starters, this particular shooter is a brand new travel zoom camera that boasts of an extreme zoom range of 24-720mm, crammed into what Sony …

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JLab Audio reveals the Flex Sport wireless headphones

by Edwin - on October 18, 2018


Working out should be fun, otherwise it can be quite the chore pulling up those sports socks and wearing a pair of sneakers in order to sweat it out. Thankfully for many of us, we all have our favorite tunes to keep us company while we pound the pavement or lift some weights, but the crucial question is this: do you have the right pair of sports earphones to go …

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Phiaton goes on the offensive with new Bolt BT 700 wireless earbuds

by Edwin - on October 16, 2018


Phiaton, a company that continues to uphold high standards when it comes to high-performance personal audio products, has broken new ground yet again with the Bolt BT 700. Having absolutely nothing to do with the world’s fastest man, the Bolt BT 700 lays claim to being the first true wireless earphones in the world that boasts of balanced armature drivers as well as a portable charging case that will also …

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igloohome reveals Smart Padlock

by Edwin - on October 14, 2018


The humble home has gotten ever smarter these days, thanks to the integration with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa into everyday appliances, not to mention the smartphone which seems to have an app for virtually everything. Since the house is meant to be a safe space for the family to rest and relax in, why not consider beefing up your home’s security with igloohome’s latest offering, the aptly named …

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 review

by Edwin - on October 13, 2018


Xiaomi is no stranger when it comes to rolling out smartphones that punch above their weight without breaking the bank. This time around, Xiaomi has decided to make waves once again with the Redmi 6 smartphone. It looks like the supposed annual hardware refresh is no longer the case, as it is less than six months since the Redmi 5 was released. Here are my thoughts on the Redmi 6 …

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