Rover Speed from COWA is a piece of smart luggage

by Edwin - on December 2, 2018

Going for a holiday is always a fun thing, but the question is, do you have the stomach to put up with all of the preparations as well as lugging around large pieces of suitcases? The latter can be particularly back-breaking work, but COWA has designed something which seasoned travelers would appreciate. Enter the Rover Speed, touted to be the first AI-powered suitcase in the world that will certainly lift …

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RockyBelt is something that Batman would approve of

by Edwin - on December 1, 2018

We all know that Batman has his utility belt that seemingly carries just about everything he needs for that particular mission in order for it to be a success. Call it a plot hole, or it is Batman simply living up to his reputation of being the world’s greatest detective as he constantly makes meticulous preparations prior to a mission, the idea of a wonder working belt is always more …

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Kintell smart home system

by Edwin - on November 30, 2018

Our society is fast progressing to be a smart one, where there are smartphones, smart cars, smart bulbs, and of course, smart homes. Many aspects of life are slowly but surely headed down the path of full automation, and Kintell has come up with its smart home system that has been specially designed for families who would like to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults as well as …

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Wi-Charge Wireless Power Kit announced

by Edwin - on November 29, 2018

Wi-Charge has been delivering long-range wireless power technology in order to make our modern day lives easier, ensuring that one’s compatible smartphone will be able to charge from across the room sans wires and cables that tend to gain a life of their own and get all twisted up. This time around, they have announced the innovative Wireless Power Kit that will take mere minutes to transform an existing wired …

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Satechi reveals new aluminum Type-C wireless charger

by Edwin - on November 28, 2018

One particular name that would be extremely familiar to those who love high quality mobile device peripherals and accessories would be Satechi. Satechi’s portfolio of mobile accessories share a single common goal: to make each mobile device user’s everyday life a more convenient one. It is no surprise then that the newest wireless charging solution continues to march down a similar path. Boasting of a more modern, sleek design alongside …

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SayYes Planner does more than organizing your life

by Edwin - on November 22, 2018

I always get a kick out of filling up the calendar spaces in my yearly planner, as it tends to give me a sense of purpose. The advent of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and subsequently, smartphones, has more or less rendered such paper-based planners redundant for many. However, there is still something about a planner with pages to flip through. SayYes LLC has come up with something to help you …

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LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifier

by Al - on November 21, 2018

Just like how we are unable to see any kind of impurities in our water, the same applies to the air that we breathe. There might be different kinds of impurities within which would affect our health negatively, which is where LG’s PuriCare 360° Air Purifier come in handy. What makes this particular model stand out from the others would be its unique purification method that promotes 360 degrees of …

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Autowit Dashboard Camera makes life easy

by Al - on November 20, 2018

While not everyone loves to drive around, it is all too important these days if you were to install a dashboard camera of some sort for added safety in the event of an accident or minor fender bender. After all, without evidence from a dashboard camera, a lot of it might boil down to a case of “You say, I say” in front of the police and authorities. Why not …

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