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If you want your technology to also be at hand one of the best ways is to wear it. In the wearable tech section of coolest gadgets we will share all the latest and greatest of wearable technology.


Bose Frames offer more than just UV protection

by Edwin - on December 7th, 2018

Fancy picking up a brand new pair of sunglasses? Well, you will be able to look stylish and obtain the necessary degree of UV-protection from Bose. Yes, Bose, not a name that you would normally associate with fashionable sunglasses, but they have rolled out the Bose Frames. The Frames is a breakthrough product that merges the protection and style of premium sunglasses, alongside the functionality and performance of wireless headphones, in addition to being the first audio augmented reality platform in the world, all within a single device.

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La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV needs no batteries to run

by Edwin

MySkinTrackMany of us would love to have a nice and even tan, but not all of us are able to have the opportunity to pull that off each year. While the summer months provide a decent amount of sunlight to obtain that dream tan look, it is important to take note of whether you are getting too much sun for your own good, so much so that it might end up being more harmful to you. L’Oréal has recently announced the La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV, proudly touting it to be the first battery-free wearable electronics that can measure UV exposure.

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Casio WSD-F20A review

by Edwin

casio-wsd-f20a-reviewThe smartwatch market continues to evolve, with high street brand names jumping aboard the bandwagon as well. Casio’s pedigree in the field of horology has been proven time and again, and their latest attempt in an Android-powered smartwatch that will not shirk at the sight of adventure would be the Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20A. Following Japanese wisdom, this is the second iteration of an outdoor Android-powered timepiece by the Japanese company, targeting those who live an active lifestyle and want a rugged timepiece that does more than just keep track of time.

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8K heated apparel can be controlled by an app

by Edwin

8k-outerwearThere is a twofold reason as to why we wear clothes: primarily to cover our modesty, as well as to keep in step with the world of fashion. However, in line with a world where everything seems to have a “smart” prefix attached to it, why not make your clothes be a little bit smarter? This is exactly what 8K has done, introducing the first app controlled heated apparel in the world that boasts of the ability to keep your smartphone charged as well when it starts to run low on battery.

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Comau reveals MATE the wearable exoskeleton

by Edwin

Comau_MATECan you remember the day when you watched Aliens? The exoskeleton in the movie that kicked the alien’s ass was rather crude in design, but it got the job done. Fast forward to today, and we have all kinds of technology that has enabled humans to work better and more efficiently, and Comau intends to jump aboard that bandwagon. Being a global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions, Comau has launched what it calls the MATE: its first innovative wearable exoskeleton. MATE has been specially designed to improve work quality without reducing any degree of efficiency, but rather, increase it, and doing so in a highly ergonomic manner by offering consistent and advanced movement assistance be it during repetitive or daily tasks.

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SEAM reveals Lotus personal safety wearable device

by Edwin

seam-lotusThe world is a very dangerous place these days, and it makes perfect sense to take the necessary precautions when it comes to one’s personal safety. GPS trackers can be useful devices to bring around, but why not go one more step further with a personal safety wearable device? SEAM has come up with the Lotus, which is very discrete in its design, and this new personal safety wearable device will also be extremely affordable with an asking price of just $129.95.

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Cybershoes is a must-have VR accessory

by Edwin

CybershoesVirtual reality has certainly caught on lately, which is a far cry from the likes of the Virtual Boy from Nintendo all those years ago. This is made possible courtesy of the technological advancements made in the computing sector, where tiny yet extremely powerful microchips will be able to feature the processing muscle required to handle complex virtual reality environments. In fact, it does help that the likes of the HTC Vive has also entered mainstream consciousness, breaking down traditional barriers with its ease of use and relative affordability. Why not top up your future VR experience with the Cybershoes?

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SOLOS smart glasses will change the way you work out

by Edwin

solosSo you are all in when it comes to the smart device revolution, with the smartphone being one of the most basic of tools to own these days. Of course, following that you will also have a plethora of smart watches to choose from, so why not go the whole nine yards and have a pair of smart glasses to go along with the entire shebang? This is what Kopin Corporation’s SOLOS smart glasses is all about. Touted to be the lightest augmented reality smart glasses in the world that caters for sports and consumer fitness niches, it has been specially designed to inform and inspire athletes and consumers alike, pushing them to reach their full potential.

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