When all else fails, give the Gift of Nothing

by Caitlyn

We all have at least one person in our lives who says they have everything they could want when it comes to holiday gift-giving items. As their friend, you still want to show them that they mean something to you, so you write a card or try and think of a swell gift even though they didn’t want anything. More often than not, they already have all the practical items …

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Kero Nomad makes sure your lifeline doesn’t lose power

by Caitlyn


While there are now many devices which we want to keep on our person at all times, making sure they are charged and at the ready can be tricky. Misplaced cables are often the culprit, but even if we do have them, they easily become tangled in a configuration of knots that we never even knew were possible. If you don’t need a long cable to charge up your phone …

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Tail Lights – Illuminate your Ponies Tail

by Al

Tail Lites

I’ve seen some pretty strange things looking for investment on Kickstarter, but this one looks to be the strangest so far. Tail Lights, a cascading LED light display that you attach to a horses tail.

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Zoku Ice Sphere Molds – For Cocktail Perfection

by Julie


If you’re looking for the perfect little hostess gift this holiday season, or if you’d just like to pick yourself up an awesome little gadget that will change the quality of your Christmas party cocktails forever, then I’ve got the thing for you. Check out Roku’s Ice Sphere Molds, easy to use, cool little ice molds that produce a clear, spherical ice that actually keeps your drinks colder, longer, and with …

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Razor Pit Blade Sharpener – Sweeny Todd would be proud

by Caitlyn

Razor Pit Sharpener

More people injure themselves on a dull blade than a sharp one. However, if you give someone a sharp blade when they’re used to dull ones, they’ll also probably slice themselves open. Once you get used to a tool working as it should though, you get annoyed whenever it doesn’t work as well. Most of us deal with shaving. Whether it be your face, legs, or arms, there’s a very …

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Coolest Black Friday Deals

by Alison

The turkey has digested, the dishes are clean, the relatives have gone. Now is the time to set your sights on holiday shopping! Ugh, the dread. If you are reading this today you are more than likely not one of those who went out shopping last night. But do not fret! The early bird may get the worm – but late birds can get in on some pretty bitchin’ deals too. We here at Coolest Gadgets want to help you find the best deals out there. Below are some examples of deals that have come – and in some cases gone (but are sure to be followed by similar bargains). So don’t leave the comfort of your seat to find the perfect deals and gifts for those on your list.

First, a review of some of the Black Friday specials:

Amazon.com: Black Friday Deals are coming and going. Some time out, others max out when people buy. Some that have been hits include 55% off a Crosley Portable Turntable (go old school!) and 44% off an Acer Iconia 7.9 inch tablet. Check back frequently to stay on top of the bargains. Click the Black Friday banner on the home page to see them all.

Brookstone: $15 off purchases of $49 or more, or $30 off purchases of $99 or more through November 29. 

iSkin.com: Back to Black sale including  up to 70% off on premium i-accessories.

MacMall.com: 60 hour sale through November 29. Save up to $549 including deals on computers, tablets and a variety of accessories. Plus, log in to your account to see massive discounts on Secret Sale items.

The Sharper ImageThere are no specific discounted products, HOWEVER their Black Friday offering is 20% cash back on ALL orders over $100, and free shipping sitewide on orders over $99.

ThinkGeek.com: 60% off over 100 items, including some below. Plus they’ll offer 20% off all orders $40 or larger, through November 30th.

Want more? OK, here you go…some of the best bargains we found:

Click here to see more Black Friday deals from Brookstone.


Click here to see more Black Friday deals from MacMall.


Click here to see more Black Friday deals from ThinkGeek.


The Coolest Boring (but Sensible) Gift Guide

by Al

Not all gifts are sexy. Do you ever get a gift, think “that is random” and then end up using it to no end? Sensible gifts really do keep on giving for years to come. So why not give something you know they will use – despite its lack of pizzazz. 

Shoot to kill with a Slingshot, just like Zelda!

by Caitlyn

Y-Shot Slingshot

Before you start frothing at the mouth, I know that it’s Link that used one, not Zelda, but I couldn’t resist. The slingshot is more commonly seen as a toy rather than a weapon, but in the right hands just about anything can be dangerous. That being said, you still don’t hear of many people flinging ball bearings around during hunting season.

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