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We find home automation a really interesting use of gadgets, so we’ve dedicated this section of coolest gadgets to all the interesting products that can be used in home automation systems.


Kintell smart home system

by Edwin

Our society is fast progressing to be a smart one, where there are smartphones, smart cars, smart bulbs, and of course, smart homes. Many aspects of life are slowly but surely headed down the path of full automation, and Kintell has come up with its smart home system that has been specially designed for families who would like to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults as well as extend the time people spend living independently in their home. With the Kintell smart home system, users will be able to remain independent and in control, while maintaining their active lifestyle in order to remain healthy, at the same time feel better connected to their family.

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WePlenish turns your pantry smarter with the Java Smart Container

by Edwin

weplenishDo you want to see an increase in home or office automation? How many times have you actually walked up to the pantry, thinking all morning long about tucking into that perfect hot cup of coffee from your favorite coffee pod brand, only to discover that there is nothing left inside and nobody remembered to place an order? That scenario will no longer be the case in the future with WePlenish’s Java Smart Container.

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Coral One vacuum robot does more than the usual

by Edwin

coral-oneRobotic vacuum cleaners are certainly nothing new these days, as there is quite a number of companies out there that have come up with their fair share of models which are capable of mapping out your entire home while ensuring it is capable of docking itself when it starts to run low on juice. However, here is something that might just raise your jaded eyebrow: the Coral One. The Coral One happens to be a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum robot that brings along with it an injection of true innovation.

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Roomba i7+ robot vacuum

by Edwin

roomba-i7plusVacuum cleaners have certainly come a long way since their early days, and the idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner has certainly made life easier for homes everywhere. These might be far from sentient beings, but technology has advanced to such a degree where the latest generation of robotic vacuum cleaners are able to get the job done in a more efficient manner than ever before. Enter the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum, which is capable of remembering a home’s floor plan while cleaning up specific rooms by name. To cap it all off, it is also able to empty itself automatically when full, now how about that for efficiency?

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Raven H and Raven R are pocket marvels

by Edwin

raven-hChina used to be derided for churning out cheap, low quality products that tend to be unreliable. However, over the past two decades, things have changed dramatically in that part of the world. High quality and yet still extremely affordable pricing are hallmarks of Chinese-made goods. In fact, Apple’s move to have their iPhones manufactured in China have certainly paid off handsome dividends, allowing them to rake in billions of dollars in profit along the way. Enter the Raven H and Raven R, extremely small devices which are pretty difficult to describe, being pieces of portable computing marvel that is curious to look at.

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The Aerb Wireless Keyboard Mouse Remote is the puppet master of a smart home

by Caitlyn

Aerb Wireless Keyboard Remote

When you want to turn your home into a smart home, you know it’s not something that you can buy, open a box, and immediately have. You have to purchase separate elements of a smart home, and configure them to all work together. Only after you have all the parts, pieces, and bugs worked out does it start to feel like a futuristic home that you barely have to move a finger to control.

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The PancakeBot prints perfectly precise pancakes

by Caitlyn


Not everyone has the fortitude to wake up each morning and make an actual breakfast for themselves. The only people who absolutely must on a daily basis are parents, as you can’t really send a little kid to school without giving them some form of nutrition before they spend hours learning. If you actually enjoy breakfast and want to make it a bit more interesting, then why not add a little flair to the morning routine?

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The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator will help you to keep your bathroom smelling fresh

by Caitlyn

Sharp Ion Generator

Your bathroom is not exactly a clean place. We don’t go in there with the intent of coming out smelling of roses, but we also don’t want any aromas that are born in that room to waft into other parts of the house. While scented sprays and regular cleaning can do a great deal to improve the situation, they won’t immediately tackle anything…fresh.

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