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Autowit 12V Batteryless Car Jump Starter Review

by Edwin - on December 16th, 2018

Having a dead car battery is an inconvenience that often happens unannounced and without any prior warning signs. As with Murphy’s Law, this tends to happen during the most inopportune of moments: perhaps right before that big meeting, an important dinner date, or simply when you are in a rush for an appointment. The whole hassle of calling a tow truck not to mention the high cost attached in doing so can be painful to your bank account, while flagging a Good Samaritan down to help you out with a pair of jumper cables is not always guaranteed to happen. Since prevention is always better than cure, why not make sure you are always prepared with Autowit’s 12V Batteryless Car Jump Starter?

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PhoneSoap Go does more than just charge your smartphone

by Edwin - on December 16th, 2018

The power bank is perhaps one particular peripheral that many of us do carry around wherever we go, taking into consideration the number of smartphones these days that are high powered and yet tend to require a charging session somewhere in the middle of the day. PhoneSoap Go is a unique approach to the idea of a standard power bank but with a twist: it might prove itself to be the first and only smartphone charger in the market that not only charges up your handset, but it will also be able to clean and sanitize the device simultaneously.

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Adero introduces the idea of a smart bag

by Edwin - on December 11th, 2018

We live in an era where just about everything needs to come with a “smart” prefix, from smartphones to smart cars and smart homes. What about a smart bag? Adero figured out that a smart bag is always a good idea, enabling users to be free from worrying about their personal belongings. Hence, this idea has given birth to an actual product, touted to be the first-ever intelligent organization system from Adero that is supposedly able to bring about a sense of calm to the chaos of daily life. It does so by transforming any regular bag into a smart bag via its system of Smart Tags and Taglets, working in tandem with an easy-to-use app, of course.

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Zanco S-Pen does more than just write

by Edwin - on December 5th, 2018

No matter how advanced you are in your office or work environment, there is something essential that everyone should own: the humble pen. The pen works in virtually all circumstances and environments, letting you jot down notes easily enough or scribble an important piece of information as and when required. Here is what happens when you give an age old solution a technological boost: the Zanco S-Pen from Zini Mobiles.

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SpyFinder PRO provides you with additional peace of mind

by Edwin - on December 4th, 2018

Technology has advanced to such a degree these days that it is all too easy to cram a digital camera or digital video recorder module of some sort into an everyday object, such as a watch, a pen, or even a simple looking vase. With that in mind, many of us do wonder about whether the hotel room that we are staying in for that particular night is free from any sort of hidden spy cameras or two-way mirrors. How about the mushrooming number of bed & breakfast places as well as budget hostels? Some of those do look dodgy on their own. Spy Associates has something that might provide you with peace of mind: the SpyFinder PRO.

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RockyBelt is something that Batman would approve of

by Edwin

We all know that Batman has his utility belt that seemingly carries just about everything he needs for that particular mission in order for it to be a success. Call it a plot hole, or it is Batman simply living up to his reputation of being the world’s greatest detective as he constantly makes meticulous preparations prior to a mission, the idea of a wonder working belt is always more than welcome. Enter the RockyBelt which carries the proud distinction of being the world’s first wearable, modular and customizable power bank that also doubles up as an all-in-one solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Wi-Charge Wireless Power Kit announced

by Edwin

Wi-Charge has been delivering long-range wireless power technology in order to make our modern day lives easier, ensuring that one’s compatible smartphone will be able to charge from across the room sans wires and cables that tend to gain a life of their own and get all twisted up. This time around, they have announced the innovative Wireless Power Kit that will take mere minutes to transform an existing wired Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini smart speakers into a beautiful, fully functional, wire-free product. Post-transformation, the product can be placed and used virtually anywhere without having to be tethered to a power outlet or power cord.

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Satechi reveals new aluminum Type-C wireless charger

by Edwin

One particular name that would be extremely familiar to those who love high quality mobile device peripherals and accessories would be Satechi. Satechi’s portfolio of mobile accessories share a single common goal: to make each mobile device user’s everyday life a more convenient one. It is no surprise then that the newest wireless charging solution continues to march down a similar path. Boasting of a more modern, sleek design alongside Quick Charging (QC) or USB-C Power Delivery (PD) compatibility, the Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger is more than capable of providing juice to the newest smartphones including the vaunted iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, doing so at maximum speeds so that you are able to get up and about your productivity at a faster rate.

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