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Scosche BaseLynx system keeps devices organized during charging

by Edwin - on January 17th, 2019

When it comes to accessories for mobile devices, there is one particular name that tends to deliver well thought up solutions consistently: Scosche. This time around, this innovative company has come up with an elegant solution to the challenge of keeping multiple and diverse devices charged and organized via its all-new BaseLynx system. With a myriad of mobile devices that each person owns these days, it makes perfect sense if there is a system which will be able to keep everything well organized, and the Scosche BaseLynx system does seem to fit the bill perfectly.

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Philips Brilliance 49’’ SuperWide Curved LCD Display

by Edwin - on January 16th, 2019

Now here is a monitor that movie buffs as well as gaming enthusiasts alike would love to own: the Philips Brilliance 49″ SuperWide Curved LCD Display. This is a unique display, where it happens to be larger than most flat screen TVs that you would find in cramped apartments and small homes. Offering visual brilliance that is spread across its Dual Quad HD 5120 x 1440 resolution screens, you will also benefit from an innovative webcam that is accompanied by advanced sensors for Windows Hello facial recognition.

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UMindSleep mini EEG sleep monitor

by Edwin - on January 14th, 2019

It is not only imperative that one obtains the right amount of sleep each night, but also one that is of good quality. CES 2019 saw EEGSmart reveal their very first Mini Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sleep Monitor, known as UMindSleep. With Artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of healthcare making waves this year, the UMindSleep carries the distinction of bringing together both hardware and software in a Brain-Machine Interface system which will help collect EEG data in real-time, while working behind the scenes to analyze people’s mental states via its AI technology.

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Eve Light Strip spruces up the home

by Edwin

For most of us, our homes are a place of refuge where we get away from it all. Of course, it is the polar opposite for others whose home environments are less than ideal. If you feel that your home requires a touch of sophistication, perhaps the latest Eve Light Strip from Eve Systems will be able to help. Touted to be the brightest HomeKit-enabled LED strip to date, it will boast up to 1,800 lumens of brightness, sporting a premium triple-diode architecture that is capable of delivering full-spectrum white and millions of colors.

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Currant Smart Wall Outlet

by Edwin

You have a great house where you have managed to fill it up with cool looking furniture and an interior design that is aligned with the times, future-proof even. Why not make it smarter than usual with the addition of wall outlets that are out of the ordinary? Enter the Currant Smart Wall Outlet. This happens to be the first AI-powered in-wall smart outlet from the company that is capable of analyzing power usage as well as creating personalized, easy-to-implement suggestions for consumers, contractors, business owners, and real estate managers. It has the ability to automatically power off devices and appliances, reducing excess electricity usage along the way so that you may be able to further save on your monthly expenses.

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Fonebud W travel Wi-Fi device

by Edwin

If you tend to travel a whole lot out of your country, one of the most important things that you would like to find out would be whether your mobile service provider has some sort of roaming data plan so that you can continue with your social media updates, video streaming and checking out the Internet wherever you are. I believe that most of us would probably settle for a local SIM card, as many of these companies tend to offer fantastic privileges with a tourist SIM pack. Fonebud IoT Berhad has something different in mind with the Fonebud W travel Wi-Fi device.

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Spectra X electric skateboard brings you places

by Edwin

Getting around from point A to point B across short distances will normally require you to walk some bit. However, there has been developments in recent years that have allowed one to go down the road of a personal mobility device. Here is an idea from Walnut Technology: the e-skateboard that is all set to debut at CES 2019 later this month. A skateboard is an icon of America, having served young people for decades in moving about, so why not throw in an electric twist?

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Autowit 12V Batteryless Car Jump Starter Review

by Edwin

Having a dead car battery is an inconvenience that often happens unannounced and without any prior warning signs. As with Murphy’s Law, this tends to happen during the most inopportune of moments: perhaps right before that big meeting, an important dinner date, or simply when you are in a rush for an appointment. The whole hassle of calling a tow truck not to mention the high cost attached in doing so can be painful to your bank account, while flagging a Good Samaritan down to help you out with a pair of jumper cables is not always guaranteed to happen. Since prevention is always better than cure, why not make sure you are always prepared with Autowit’s 12V Batteryless Car Jump Starter?

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