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Reolink C2 Pro 5MP Wireless PTZ Smart Home Camera

by Edwin - on December 9th, 2018

Want to sleep better at night? You might want to consider working on your home security then in order to make sure that it remains secure and safe from unwanted intruders. Perhaps the time is nigh for you to install a basic security camera system around your abode, and Reolink has just the thing for you in the form of the Reolink C2 Pro 5MP PTZ smart home camera. It will be different from the previous iterations of indoor smart home security cameras, since this model boasts of a whole new white housing while delivering all-around indoor security capability in a far clearer and more elegant manner.

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LG XBOOM AI ThinQ model WK9 revealed

by Edwin - on December 8th, 2018

LG has a slew of consumer electronics devices that are certainly cutting edge, and this time around the South Korean company has revealed the innovative new XBOOM AI ThinQ model WK9 which boasts of AI Smart Display alongside Google Assistant capability. This potent combination would also boast of unparalleled sound quality from Meridian Audio, resulting in a powerful and beautifully designed smart home device.

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Treblab XR700 provides wireless audio in style

by Edwin - on December 6th, 2018

Going for a run or an intense exercise regime is something that everyone should do in order to keep fit, but to do so without the help of any kind of music can be quite a dampener on the emotions. This is the exact reason why some gyms have been kitted out to look like a club of sorts, pumping out music that can almost split the eardrums while you sweat it out. For those who love to enjoy their runs outdoors, the Treblab XR700 wireless earbuds is something that is well worth considering.

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Autowit Dashboard Camera makes life easy

by Al

While not everyone loves to drive around, it is all too important these days if you were to install a dashboard camera of some sort for added safety in the event of an accident or minor fender bender. After all, without evidence from a dashboard camera, a lot of it might boil down to a case of “You say, I say” in front of the police and authorities. Why not let recorded visual evidence have the final word in the matter? Autowit knows that the upcoming holiday season will see plenty of people travel to various destinations: to visit family, for a quick holiday, or simply during one’s daily commute, which is why they have released the $69.99 Autowit dashboard camera.

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V-Moda reveals wireless BassFit in-ear sports headphones

by Edwin

BassFitIf there is one thing that is always a great help in keeping fit, it would be a pair of earphones that pump out music the way it is meant to be heard, without falling out of place or having wires get in the way. V-Moda is a household name when it comes to quality earphones, and they have just announced the all new BassFit Wireless. The BassFit Wireless is touted to be the ultimate bass-hitting in-ear headphones which are capable of withstanding even the most rigorous of workouts.

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Soundflow is a unique protective smartphone case

by Edwin

soundflowWhenever you purchase a brand new smartphone, there are normally two accessories that should never be negotiated or given a pass: the screen protector as well as a protective case. Many modern day smartphones, even from the mid-range segment, happen to feature a full aluminum body that is nice to look at, but all too slippery when handled. A protective case not only provides an adequate amount of grip, but it will also help prevent unwanted scratches or worse damage when knocked or dropped. The Soundflow is a special proposition where it not only functions as a smartphone case, it also doubles up as a wireless earbuds carrier and charger.

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SHIVR reveals new noise cancelling 3D wireless headphones

by Edwin

shivrNot all wireless headphones are created equal — some are more unique than the others, bringing with it a slew of features that you will not be able to find anywhere else. SHIVR, a leading brand of high fidelity personal audio devices, has recently announced the launch of its very own SHIVR noise cancelling 3D wireless headphones for those who would want to enjoy a whole new immersive experience when it comes to audio, home theatre, and gaming.

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Treblab HD77 outdoor speaker

by Edwin

treblab-hd77When it comes to portable speakers, there are many different models to choose from. After all, there are different speakers for different kinds of situations, but most outdoor speakers tend to take on a tougher persona than usual for an obvious reason: there is a higher chance of being exposed to the elements, hence a certain degree of water resistance and shock resistance. Treblab has come up with the Treblab HD77 portable speaker that is specially meant to be carried around with you when you indulge in outdoor sports activities, in line with the company’s sports oriented vision.

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