The CouchCoaster – don’t perch potions precariously


We all have a drink that revives us after waking up to a cold morning or helps us take a big sigh of relief at the end of the day. It’s best to have this magical elixir (usually coffee or tea) in a place where we don’t have to move. The couch is a common place for respite, but there isn’t always a great spot to set down our beverage.

If we’re feeling dangerous, the liquid-filled mug or cup will be very carefully balanced on the arm of the living room sofa. This just begs for a spill on one of “those” days, but we test our luck anyhow. If you’d rather stay on the safe side, this CouchCoaster will let you put your drink nearby without having to worry about the contents taking an unexpected journey.

It’s made of silicone, and is weighted so that if it wasn’t sitting on the couch arm it would look like a floppy manta ray. This comes in black or brown, and can handle everything from cold bottles, tumblers, and cans to piping hot mugs since it has a handy-dandy slot for handles on the side of the cup. It weighs 1.5 pounds on its own, and will cost you around $65 before shipping. For those with no suitable cup holder in their car, this would be an alternative that can sit in the passenger seat or over the middle console if it’s a flat space. It is pretty expensive, but it all depends on how badly you need a place to set your drink.

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