Loopd reveals first engagement sensor for events in the world


Back in the early days of conventions and meetings, the attendees are tracked through their registration details. Where they move about on the showfloor can be difficult to track, as well as who they talk to, and if you were to embark on that path, a whole lot of paperwork is required. However, if one were to provide each conference attendee with a GPS tracker of sorts, it would definitely be a violation of personal privacy. How about introducing this idea in a non-threatening manner? This has resulted in this beautiful piece of wearable technology known as Loopd.

Loopd is touted to be the world’s first engagement sensor that was created specially for events, and it sports a new sensor that merges AES128 encryption, tactile touch capability, Bluetooth LE connectivity, an LED Light Pipe, complete with modular attachments, as well as a 6 week battery life.

This is the second-generation wireless sensor that will target attendee networking, content exchange and activity tracking, where it makes use of Loopd’s advanced and patented Bluetooth Low-Energy proximity features in order to enable the first split-second, passive wireless exchange of mission-critical information at conferences.

It is easily activated via a unique tactile touch feature, where the one-inch-wide, dark-blue circular Loopd wearable incorporates a unique LED light pipe. Once it is touched lightly by users, the flexible LED pipe will emit a streaming yellow light top to bottom. This streaming light emission confirms that digital business cards, marketing materials and other mission-critical content have made the move between sensors up to the Cloud.

Such activity tracking will provide convention and conference organizers get a better idea on who goes where, allowing them to come up with a better curated experience in the future. While the sensor will initially be released as a fob-like attachment for conference lanyards, the future iterations are said to include a badge with a back clip as well as an intelligent insert for a wristband. Other form factors will include the likes of tactile touch, Bluetooth LE and LED light pipe.

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Steven Says: July 31, 2016 at 7:06 pm

Interesting device … will have to try it out!

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