Luminoodle lights up your life in a fun way


A night light is an interesting device, that is for sure, as it will be able to make sure that you do not stub your toe against anything hard or out of the ordinary in the middle of the night while you are trying to make your way from the bed to the bathroom, and to do so without waking up your partner as well. While night lights can be cute like Nari the Narwhal Night Light, here is an alternative that is not only great in the bedroom, it also has many other uses elsewhere if you were to crank out your creative juices – in the form of them £29.99 Luminoodle.

With the Luminoodle, you will be able to shed light on just about any situation, where magnets and ties will be able to assist in attaching the Luminoodle to just about anything. This particular carry bag can double up as a handy lantern, where it will be accompanied by its very own 4400mAh universal battery pack as well. Not only that, it provides light without the risk that fire carries, since it is not going to burn down anything while emitting 180 lumens of brightness with its versatile string of LEDs. The Luminoodle is ideal for camping, picnics, interior lighting, emergency lighting, bike safety lights, garden lighting and so on, as it is waterproof to boot.

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