Halo 5 Master Chief Messenger Bag


So, you happen to be a huge fan of all things Halo, especially with Master Chief at the helm of things. Perhaps you have already picked up your fair share of Halo merchandise over the years, but what the heck – what is one more to the list, right? Having said that you might want to check out the $79.99 Halo 5 Master Chief Messenger Bag, which boasts of MJOLNIR-armor-inspired construction and embroidery and comes with a padded interior pouch for your tablet or laptop. Not only that, it will be accompanied by an in-game REQ pack code to boot.

This is a messenger bag that is perfect for those who miss playing an entire campaign as Master Chief, as it boasts of more than enough room to ensure that this will not happen. After all, the Halo 5 Master Chief Messenger Bag will feature an interior compartment that is large enough to carry your entire stockpile of death-dealing equipment, being an officially-licensed Halo 5 merchandise itself. Do bear in mind that the accompanying in-game REQ pack code will require Halo 5: Guardians game and Xbox Live Gold membership.

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