The Breville Smart Grinder wants your coffee to be perfect


We are always trying to find new ways to experience coffee. Maybe you’re bored of the french press and want to give cold brewing methods a try, or haven’t given an old-fashioned percolator a shot. While we’re not opposed to drinking swill at the office if it comes to dire straits, we would always prefer to have the perfect cup at home, or bring some in from our own kitchen. Of course, if your home brew is not perfect yet, you’re likely looking for ways to make sure it becomes the coffee of your dreams, rather than the sludge that keeps you awake.

While water quality, the filter, and temperature while brewing are important, the first step after getting a perfectly roasted bean, is grinding it to the correct coarseness. While little grinders do this job just fine, it’s not exact science since it’s usually just a constant grind at a high speed, and you have to eyeball it. This Breville Smart Grinder won’t be having any of that, since is has 60 precise settings, and gives you the ability to adjust the grind times by 0.2 seconds.

This grinder uses stainless steel conical burrs to minimize the heat during the process, and keep the oils from the beans intact. It has a 16 ounce capacity for the bean hopper, and the locking system makes it easy to remove, store, and transfer the whole beans. While this will help you make exquisite coffee and superb espressos, the cost for this grinder is no small beans at $208 a pop. If you’re finicky about whether it’s redish, silver, or black, the price can be anywhere from $203-229 as the aforementioned quote is for the cranberry version pictured above.

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