The Batter Dispenser makes holiday breakfasts flawless


When the whole family is together for the holidays, this means cooking at home. While there’s always the big meal the day of Christmas, there’s plenty of meals on the days surrounding it. Breakfast is generally the bigger ordeal since everyone eating enough at the beginning of the day means not having to worry about go all-out again until dinner.

If you want to keep everyone full and happy, pancakes are an easy route to go, but the pouring of batter is oftentimes as messy as  the difficult task of flipping. For those that want a relatively mess-free way to dish out pancake batter, this Cake Batter Dispenser should help. Not only will it help you portion pancakes perfectly, but it will also drain all the batter to the bottom so you don’t have scrape much to use everything.

While this will be one more thing to wash as you’re still going to have a stirring implement and a bowl to make the batter, this will at least make the cooking process a little cleaner. It’s going to cost you $7.50 to get this device, and according to the measuring label it can safely hold four cups of whatever you’re making. This would also be great for cupcakes or pouring warm chocolate directly into your mouth. It’s the holidays, so calories don’t count since we’re going to resolve to never do this again, right?

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