This Star Wars Bed will decorate the rooms of the future generation of fans


Do you remember what it felt like when you were exposed to Star Wars for the first time? Does the first time watching it even stick out in your mind anymore, or is it more of a feeling that came from watching the movies over and over again? What we enjoyed growing up, we now have a chance to enjoy with the next generation of fans, as many of us now have or are starting to make families of their own.

Thankfully, being a nerd is far more acceptable than it used to be, and that makes it all the easier to deck out a kids room in amazing stuff. This Star Wars bed, for example, mimics the Millennium Falcon cock pit, and will fuel dreams of narrow misses in the Sarlacc pit and fighting dramatically with light sabers. This is a twin bed that measures 45.5 wide x 108.25 long x 45.5″ high.

It is made of hard wood, and has a slat-roll foundation that can be used with a box spring if you so desire it. Since it is made of real wood with a lacquered finish, you’ll need to make sure no spills make their way onto this, as it could leave rather obvious stains. This is not an item for a passing phase, as it costs $3,999 to get one, and weighs almost 496 pounds due to its solid structure. It will certainly bring out a lot of creative play from your little ones, but it will come at a high price.

Available for purchase on potterybarnkids

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