Pulsepak Emergency Charger lives up to its name


While we have seen emergency chargers in the past before, this does not mean that the technology does not deserve any kind of improvement in due time, right? After all, in this day and age, one can never quite tell just when one’s mobile device is going to run out of juice, especially when you have spent the past couple of hours on the phone, wheeling and dealing away in an extremely hectic morning, while using the integrated GPS on your handset to meet different people in town. Well, perhaps the £12.99 Pulsepak Emergency Charger would come in handy for the modern day road warrior.

The Pulsepak Emergency Charger happens to be an extremely small external battery that is so easy to tote around, you might even forget you are carrying it! Still, the diminutive size is able to deliver a good 2 hours charge for your smartphone, and it will easily fit on your keyring for convenient portability. Good thing the internal battery is rechargeable, too, otherwise it would be a rather expensive one time charge device. With a battery capacity of 500mAh, the Pulsepak Emergency Charger will be able to charge all Micro-USB devices/iPhone 5 and newer without much complaint.

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