Playawave Bluetooth speaker is perfect for your outdoor activities


I suppose it would be anathema to suggest to any hot blooded teen that one is able to go through an entire summer without any kind of music. After all, summer is all about getting out of the house as much as possible, enjoying plenty of sunshine, and to pursue whatever projects that you would like to put your heart and soul into without any interruptions. Regardless, music will always play a staple in one’s life, as there is some sort of soothing or inspirational effect with the right tunes. Having the right tool to playback your favorite tunes would also go a long way, and the new Playawave Bluetooth speaker is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities this summer.

The Playawave Bluetooth speaker is a compact speaker that will be protected against external influences thanks to the splash-proof surface. In other words, it is capable of withstanding liquids, dust and impacts in a snap. Through Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker with its convenient carrying handle can be quickly hooked up to your smartphone, tablet or notebook, or basically any other device that has Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker itself comes in a chic retro design, and one will be able to choose from black-grey and brown shades for €59.99 a pop.

Sure, Star Wars fans might want to stick to something that is more iconic and one that they are familiar with, like the Death Star Bluetooth speaker, but for the rest of us, something like the Playawave Bluetooth speaker would already do.

Sporting 7 watt (RMS) output power, the speaker will also come with a built-in microphone for hands-free telephoning. Behind the dust and water-resistant closure lies a jack input (3.5 mm), in addition to a convenient headphone jack (3.5mm) that remain concealed. One can fully charge the Playawave via the included USB cable after a maximum of 6 hours.

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