Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets lighten up the mood of your fridge


Each time you open up your fridge to get something to eat or drink, what do you see? The same old, boring stuff – the same brand of milk, the same bottle of juice, fruits that your family love to eat. Well, how about sprucing up the looks within the fridge itself with the unique £16.99 Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets? Of course, “pets” here would mean that these are not living creatures, which is why they are capable of standing the frigid temperatures of your fridge.

These extremely cute carton critters will come in the form of a Cow, Penguin, Polar Bear, Red Bull and Tiger. Each time you open up the fridge door, you will be able to hear a friendly greeting, and should you remain indecisive and leave the door ajar for far too long, you will start to get an earful from them. Not only that, they are “smart” in a sense that a built-in timer would allow them to greet you according to the current time of the day. Definitely one of the cooler gizmos to have in your fridge, like the Squircle.

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