The Nocqua Light System lets you know what lurks beneath the surface


If you’ve ever watched the show River Monsters and then tried to go swimming in murky waters, you know the type of fear that can set in. While logically you know your local lake isn’t likely to be riddled with horrifying fish creatures, there’s always the chance something will nibble your toes. If you want to have some light while stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing, why not put it under your vessel so you can watch for danger (even if it’s not actually there)?

While you don’t want to put a full-on flood light under your boat, this Nocqua Light System should do nicely. This is a compact light system which uses two 800 lumen light bars and an adjustable harness to secure it to the bottom of your vessel. It comes with one battery, one charger, an on/off swtich, a Y-connector, and has a travel case. There are also two extension straps as well for those that are using it on a particularly large vessel.

When it’s not in use in the water, it can be used at a campsite or in the car as it is less than 2 feet long. This is rather expensive at $199.99, but if you really want a frivolous purchase to sit under your boat, no one can stop you. Just make sure you tighten the straps enough, or your new purchase will belong to the fish monster at the bottom of the lake.

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