Vacuuming Squeegee makes sure your windows are squeaky clean


While we have seen our fair share of squeegees in the past, here is one that might just make quite a difference in your home. I am referring to the $79.95 Vacuuming Squeegee, which is a very special squeegee on its own. Why do I say so? Well, this happens to be the squeegee that comes with a built-in vacuum which will be able to efficiently clean windows as well as other flat surfaces faster – all without drips, now how about that for convenience?

Thanks to a lightweight ergonomic design which is capable of fitting a hand comfortably, it comes in a form factor that is optimally angled, has double-layered 11″-wide neoprene blades that deliver edge-to-edge contact with any non-porous surface. Not only that, each purchase will come with a spray bottle that accepts your preferred cleaning solution so that you can wet a surface; where a press of a button will kick off its powerful motor so that it can vacuum dirty water into its reservoir at a quiet operating volume. Apart from that, the Vacuuming Squeegee also has an IPX4-rated construction that ensures watertight operation and consistent, reliable cleaning efficiency. As for its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, one will be able to enjoy up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted use from a full charge via the included AC adapter.

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