Cupholder Charging Station makes things more convenient


Traveling from door to door in a car is an experience that many of us take for granted. After all, a car helps to keep us nice and dry even when it is raining cats and dogs outside, whereas a motorcycle would require you to put on a raincoat, and even then, your shoes would be soaked by the time you arrive at your destination. Not only that, a car will allow you to juice up your gadget through the cigarette lighter with the correct adapter. Why not make sure that things are more efficient the next time you ride with the $49.95 Cupholder Charging Station?

The Cupholder Charging Station happens to be a charging station that can fit into a car’s cupholder, and it can recharge up to a trio of devices simultaneously. Thanks to a cylindrical shape, it can squeeze itself into any standard cupholder, and each of the three USB ports will be able to deliver 2.4 amps to quickly charge a smartphone, tablet, or camera. The unit itself will also be accompanied by a compartment that allows it to hold a smartphone, while the rim will sport a built-in groove so that it can show off the tablet in an upright position for easy viewing, especially if you are navigating.

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