Briefcase Barbecue won’t turn you into an Iron Man


Remember Tony Stark’s briefcase portable armor from the Iron Man 2 movie? It sure makes me wonder what kind of alloy or element that he has discovered or used to be able to pack in a reasonably strong piece of armor in such a small amount of space. Having said that, the next time you carry the $79.95 Briefcase Barbecue, you might have rather grand dreams of throwing it down onto the ground and stepping on it, making all the relevant noises as you get covered in a full suit of armor. That’s not going to happen as the Briefcase Barbecue has been tasked to do something else entirely, since it is a portable charcoal grill concealed within a stainless steel briefcase.

This unique case design will definitely solve the age-old mystery of how to conveniently transport a grill. Rather than making use of the traditional round camping stove, where one of the major problems would be to have those lids topple off, as well as a round shape that impedes stacking in trunks, this sleek briefcase model can be carried by its handle in a jiffy, and is stacked among other camping or tailgating gear courtesy of its flat, rectangular design. When unclasped, the case will stand up and open to support a 10″ x 6.25″ metal cooking grate. The inclusion of long rubberized legs will ensure stability, while a removable ash basket catches debris for easy cleanup.

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