Emergency Nap Kit lets you sleep around without catching any STDs


Fancy sleeping around? No, not in the sense where you go swinging in every direction while running the risk of catching an STD – or more, but rather, to be able to catch forty winks as and when required, regardless of the place, so that you will wake up refreshed. In other words, a unique contraption that is more than a portable pillow of sorts to help you nap, where it comes in the form of the £29.99 Emergency Nap Kit.

With the Emergency Nap Kit, you will be able to drift off into a cozy and relaxing slumber at a moment’s notice. It will come with an inflatable mattress and a full length sleeping suit, which would mean that this can be considered to be an essential to any office or car boot as a first-aid kit. After all, when your mind is frazzled and all stressed out, perhaps sleeping over a decision is the best thing to do, as you might end up waking with a brilliant solution to whatever problem that has been bugging you for the past few weeks or months. Boasting of a comfortable inflatable mattress, this full length sleeping suit should be able to fit most people – unless you happen to be one of the rare exceptions of nature, of course.

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