Weekly AM PM Push Button Pill Planner ensures that you do not miss a single dose


As one gets older, surely one would feel his or her age – never mind the fact that the person in question is as fit as a horse, doing all of the relevant and necessary exercise regimes each day, not to mention eating right and the ilk. Well, some of us happen to take our supplements with religious regularity – although there are moments in life when we end up being too busy or occupied, that we forget a single dose. That’s not too shabby if it just involves multi-vitamins, but when it comes to medication, it is a far more serious matter altogether. Why not get some outside help with the $14.98 Weekly AM PM Push Button Pill Planner?

As its name suggests, the Weekly AM PM Push Button Pill Planner will allow you to organize as well as store an entire week’s worth of AM and PM medications. The organizer itself comes with easy-open push button compartments that makes it a snap to open. All that you need to do is to press the tab, and voila! The compartment will pop open. It is ideal for those with severe arthritis, and limited hand mobility, although it would be nice to see it equipped with a digital reminder connected to your smartphone app.

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