The Blomp Coat Hook is two-in-one space saving storage



When we get home, our goal is to go from work mode to relaxed mode as quickly as possible. We want to get into our pajamas, sit down with our beverage of choice and do nothing for as many hours as possible. It’s no wonder that our mail, coat, keys, and wallet are often tossed down by the door haphazardly. It’s the last thing on our mind, which is why it normally ends up in a pile somewhere.

Even if you have a coat rack, your belongings end up all over the place. If you wish you didn’t have to try as hard to be tidy, then the Blomp Coat Hook and Cubby would be a perfect addition to your home. This is where you can stash your keys and wallet, then toss your coat on it so everything is in one place. No longer will you have to worry about the various locations your stuff will get to, as it will all be grouped together.

The handmade Blomp hook come in white, black, red, yellow, and blue. One will cost you $65, which isn’t terrible considering you’re essentially getting a key hook, cubby, and coat hook. To install, you merely need to put in the included two screws and wall plugs to make sure it’s steadily in place. This is the perfect way to rush in the front door, toss everything in one spot and move on to relaxing.

Available for purchase on blacklupo

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