SoGo Mini portable speaker has looks to go along with its performance


sogo-mini-speakerWhen it comes to the world of extremely small speakers, there are way too many different models from which one is able to choose from. I suppose a whole lot of it does rely heavily on this particular mantra – you get what you pay for, and it holds true, especially when you consider the technical limitations of such a device due to its size. Having said that, a speaker that performs brilliantly despite being small in stature is definitely an engineering marvel, and the SoGo Mini portable speaker intends to live up to such a reputation.

After all, portable speakers do come with its fair number of fundamental features when it comes to its definition. The SoGo Mini portable speaker’s designer Richard White, who is also President of NimbX Technology, has taken the maximum amount of care in order for the SoGo Mini to sport a fair number of features, but also delivers some other enhanced capabilities that some might be surprised to see in such a device of its size – including the likes of a battery life that is able to last more than 20 hours, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, speakerphone functionality, RGB lighting, a mini subwoofer, a customizable case and app feature.

Oh yeah, since there is the saying that goes something like this – the more the merrier, how about the capability to pair up multiple SoGo Mini speakers simultaneously? That would definitely allow you to rock out to your ear’s pleasure. What makes the SoGo Mini all the more special would be several exceptional features that have been integrated on the circuit board, alongside its ability to completely be customized in order to match your room, outfit, or living space.

NimbX Technology has also been thrown into the mix to ensure that it will be able to deliver the best of equal bass and treble ratio. It remains a Kickstarter project at point of publishing, so fingers crossed that it will eventually make its way to mass production.

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