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Almost every adult I know wishes for the same thing, more sleep. It seems as thought most of us are wandering through our lives only half rested, dragging through our days in a perpetual state of fatigue, hoping that tonight, will be the night that sleep comes easily, deeply, and lasts at least until dawn. Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way, and by the next morning’s second cup of coffee, we start the process all over again. Sleeping pills can help short term, but they certainly cant be the best choice we can make for our bodies.

Well, how about learning how to sleep? That’s right, Sleepow makes a high-quality memory foam pillow with an embedded sound machine and mp3 player- that offers you the ability to download your own tunes, drift off with pre-loaded binaural beats relaxation music or to use SleepGenius, a specialty sleep program designed to help NASA astronauts get some zzz’s. Using four different components Sleep Genius prepare your brain for sleep, trains your brainwaves to sleep properly, blocks distractions, lowers your breathing and heart rate, allowing you to get deeper, more restful sleep every time you use it.

The Sleepow Music Pillow contains a a fully-integrated stereo sound machine with high-quality speakers  inside, that remain completely undetectable while you rest your weary head. A small, rechargeable control panel embedded in the side features volume and mode controls, as wall as a mini-USB port for uploading any of your own mp3 files. Complete with an audio jack for private listening with earbuds or headphones. So if you would like to drift off to sleep at the press of a button, the Sleepow Pillow may be just what the doctor ordered. Check out the for more info. Of course now when you say “I’d pay anything for a good nights sleep” you’ll know you only have to part with around a hundred bucks. Perfect.

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