Mini Hornit makes cycling more fun


mini-hornitWhile some of us see cycling as a serious exercise in an effort to fight against the growing bulge around our tummies, others feel that it is a more leisurely mode of sweating it out – especially when one takes into consideration just how slow one pedals, I suppose. Having said that, if you would like to inject some sense of urgency or fun into your daily or weekly bicycle rides, how about getting a £19.99 Mini Hornit to go along with your human-powered two-wheeler?

The Mini Hornit will arrive in a variety of shades, including black & yellow, blue & orange, purple & pink, and red & blue, depending on how your taste is. It will come loaded with a whopping 25 fun sounds – including those of bells, horns, vehicles, and of course, animals. There will be rubber wings which enables one to clip it easily onto any bicycle or scooter, and it is also made out of highly durable material, conforming to the IP33 shower-proof standard as well – which means it ought to be able to handle downpours without missing a beat. Not only that, it is extremely bright and has a beady LED that shines out 12 lumens of brightness, with its batteries being able to last for up to 7 hours on constant light mode. The Mini Hornit is one of the cooler accessories to have when you want to increase your visibility as a cyclist.

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