The Panasonic Link2Cell is bringing back handsets


Panasonic Link2Cell Phone

While I love my smartphone dearly, I kind of miss having a handset. It could be some nostalgia, or the fact that it is far easier to have a long conversation without having your hand cramp or the phone get to excruciating temperatures. If you want a bigger phone, but don’t want to worry about getting a smartphone that will bend in your pocket, then you might consider getting something that will connect to your mobile.

The Panasonic Link2Cell will sync your smartphone to two cordless handsets with which you can make and receive calls. Of course, if that was the only functionality, no one would be interested. To spice things up a bit, they’ve made this a charging dock, as well as a small speaker system. You’ll be able to stream tunes and take calls without having to worry about your battery going down at an alarming pace. Seeing that we also receive texts, you’ll be notified anytime you have an incoming message.

This is perfect for home offices when you need to dash around but don’t want to miss an important call. Of course, there’s also the painstaking fear that you’ll get the call when your smartphone is about to die, and cut out in the middle of it. This will cost you $249.99, and while it’s not the only option on the market, it doesn’t seem like to bad of a choice. Of course, personal preference will come into play, as well as seeing how well it actually works.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via RedFerret


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