Bike Snowboard lets you bike even in the snow


bike-snowboardWinter is coming, and for some of us, that would mean having to deal with the daily routine of shoveling snow from the driveway so that one is able to go to work on time in the mornings. How about those who commute to work using a bicycle? That would be a freezing experience, but I believe if you were to be properly dressed up and have warmed yourself up internally, it should not be a problem at all. Here is the $399.95 Bike Snowboard that might prove to be an invaluable ally to your bicycle if it happens to be your primary mode of transport.

The Bike Snowboard works this way – it will attach itself to a bicycle’s front tire, allowing you to enjoy joy rides down the slopes as well as smooth pedaling all over various snow-covered trails. Not only that, the convenience of the whole device would mean that there is no need to remove the wheel, since the board’s parallel adjustable rails would be able to clamp around majority of any size front tire. Apart from that, there will be a couple of horizontal metal jaw pins and leash straps that help to hold it in place. It will feature a composite board with a full steel edge and side-cut curved tips, so that cyclists can remain on top of deep powder without sacrificing on grip. Other interesting snowboards that we have seen before include the Solar Hybrid Snowboard.

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