Long Range Laser Blaster Set offers some outdoor fun


long-range-laserSure, children these days do have a whole lot more choices than we adults did much earlier on in our lives when it comes to entertaining themselves, taking into consideration the sheer number of TV channels that are available (and yet we still hear the age old complaint of “there’s nothing to watch on TV!”), not to mention the amount of video game titles that are in circulation at the moment. Getting them to engage in a little bit of outdoor activity could prove to be rather difficult, but what if you had the assistance of the $59.95 Long Range Laser Blaster Set?

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set happens to be a laser tag set which enables a couple of players to target one another from a distance of up to 100’ away. Each blaster would be able to send pulses of harmless infrared light which can be detected by the opposing player’s visor, and in turn will emit flashing LEDs to indicate nearby opponents, as well as incoming fire from 360 degrees. There is a long-range mode which enables players to engage each other up to the maximum range, where it will require a manual “reload” between shots. A single push of a button would turn the barrel’s bottom into a vertical forward grip, letting you engage in some Rambo-style rapid fire mode albeit at a reduced range. Seems to be the perfect gift to help your young ones get some fresh air!

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