Evak Vacuum Storage Container helps you to keep your food fresh for longer


evakLife is a whole lot more fun when you have stuff like chips and crisps to munch on while you are doing work, or when you are watching a movie. However, one ought to take into consideration that these snacks do tend to get soggy or soft after a while, which means keeping them in a vacuum sealed pack is of utmost importance. If you are the type who is unable to finish up a pack of crisps each time, then the $24.99 Evak Vacuum Storage Container does seem to be a pretty decent bargain.

The Evak Vacuum Storage Container happens to be a new air-tight method when it comes to storing your dry food, as well as other items such as coffee. Thanks to its twin valve system, it will be able to remove all presence of air, and yet allows you to easily remove the lid without having to draw upon Hulk-like levels of strength. It features a stainless steel bottom and borosilicate glass container that are both dishwasher safe, and to make sure that it really works, the Evak itself has already undergone a few years of testing, prototyping, and engineering, so you can make full use of it in a safe manner, having full confidence in it.

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