The Braven Mira Portable Speaker wants you to sing in the shower


Braven Mira

When you’re in a musical mood, sitting in a quiet room can be unsettling. You want there to be broadway showtunes, the most brutal of metal, soothing classical, or old-timey folk music without pause. To do that, you’re going to want to either use your phone’s limited capabilities and hope it doesn’t die too quickly, or keep a portable speaker around for when you want to jam out and dance like no one’s watching.

Of course, finding a speaker that can keep up with all the different places we go in a day can be challenging. While the Braven Mira isn’t going to be able to keep pace all day long, it can be there for you when you’re at home. This little gray circle holds a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that can play wireless audio for up to 10 hours, and can hang out on the table, or be hung by its ABS plastic hook that is flush with the back of the device when folded down.

If you’re the type to sing in the shower, this would be perfect for you as it has an IPX5 water-resistant rating. Of course, you’ll want to remember that it says water-resistant and not water-proof, meaning this can be near the shower, but not actually in it. There is an app that goes with this that will let you make playlists and control the speaker, though there’s no telling how useful it is. If you don’t want to use this wirelessly, there is an auxilary out for devices that don’t use Bluetooth. This will cost you $99, and looks like it would be a solid option for rocking out at home if you don’t want a full-blown speaker system.

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