Sound Lounge is a plush ottoman that delivers great sounding audio


soundloungeMusic is definitely an aspect of life that is well worth looking into – after all, the right kind of music does put us in a mood, whether it is for romance, or perhaps to psyche ourselves up before a big match or a particularly important business deal. Regardless, the kind of speaker which you use to play back a high quality audio recording is important, and Thinkgeek wants to make sure that your ears enjoy nothing but the very best with the $129.99 Sound Lounge.

The Sound Lounge happens to be a plush ottoman that allows you to put your feet on them after a particularly long and difficult day at the office, but it also boasts of integrated speakers, now how about that for a convergence piece of furniture? Speakers alone are not enough, however, as there is also a built-in subwoofer that ought to deliver some thumping bass as and when required. It will hook up to your favorite audio playback device, such as a smartphone or portable media player, through Bluetooth, ensuring that there are no pesky wires to trip over, not to mention making good use of whatever space that you have left at home. Heck, it even comes with a zippered storage space underneath that will help you stash your hidden stash of stuff so that no one else will find it – at least to the unobservant stranger.

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