The SEYVR Wallet is hiding a phone charger in plain sight


SEYVR phonae charging wallet

When we’re running out the door in the morning, the last thing we want to forget is our backup battery. Our phones don’t have the best battery life, and we’re always afraid that today will be the day our phone will die when we get a bunch of important calls, emails, and messages. There are so many things to keep track of in the morning when your brain isn’t running at full capacity that it makes sense you would want to combine a few different necessities into one.

The SEYVR Phone Charging Wallet may look like a regular leather wallet, and it is! However, it is hiding a 1400mAh battery inside. This is available with iPhone and Micro USB connections. It’s simple and slim, which means it will take up the same amount of space as your old wallet. There’s a money clip for cash and receipts, and it can take up to six cards. All of the cables are part of the setup, so you don’t need to worry about untangling wires.

This can recharge in about 2.5 hours, so you can charge it up while you’re at work, and have it when you’re out in the evening. This will cost you anywhere from $76-89 depending on whether you need it to accommodate your Android or iPhone respectively. This would be a perfect minimalist wallet for nights out on the town, or even for the regular work week so long as you can keep it relatively clear of clutter.

Available for purchase on Seyvr

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Gil Says: January 21, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Why don’t any of the ads indicate if it’s compatibe with iphone 6. This is very important especially when it says no refunds!

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