The Safe+ Microlock can keep your belongings safe wherever you go


Safe+ Microlock

It only takes a few seconds of looking away from your stuff for it to be stolen. The only thing we will regularly lock up is our bike, but there are times where you wish you had a way to secure other items just as thoroughly for a short amount of time. Of course, you can’t always be carrying around a thick, heavy bike lock with you, and you may not even necessarily need something that large.

If you just want to make sure no one can run off with your bag, then you might like the Safe+ Microlock. This is an easy way to lock your bag or bike to a post of some sort without having to worry about someone walking off with it. This can fit on your keychain, and is a 66cm super strong wire. It doesn’t seem to make much fanfare about being impossible to cut, so this seems more of a backup lock to deter theft rather than making it impossible.

To use this, put the combination to the correct two preset numbers, remove the two exterior shells, and wrap the wire around whatever it is you’re wanting secured, making sure that it has an immobile source to stay attached to. At this point, click the two pieces back together, fiddle with the combination so it won’t stay unlocked, and carry on your merry way. This will cost you around $19, and while it would be useful as a backup lock should you have forgotten your stronger lock at home, you shouldn’t put too much faith in this, as it’s likely not too challenging to get through.

Available for purchase on Unikia


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