Stephenson’s Rocket Stirling Engine targets the blooming engineers in your home


stephenson-stirlingYou can never tell just what your little one is going to be when he or she grows up, and it is best to allow he or she to explore as many different kinds of possible career routes, so to speak, in their early years so that you will be able to figure out their penchant and provide them with the proper amount of guidance along the way. Well, for those who feel that their little ones might end up as engineers one of these days, perhaps it might be worth checking out the $799.95 Stephenson’s Rocket Stirling Engine?

This unique purchase will be powered by an external combustion Stirling engine, where it will pay homage to the locomotive pioneer Robert Stephenson. Stephenson won the Rainhill Trials in 1829 courtesy of its advanced design, and it also allowed Stephenson to win the contract to manufacture locomotives for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, while serving as the basic template for majority of the steam engines out there in the market for the next century and a half. The Stephenson’s Rocket Stirling Engine is made in Germany from machine-tooled solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum, relying on the thermodynamic principle of a regenerative heat engine to get moving. Thankfully for everyone’s lungs, it emits non-toxic exhaust from a full burner of ethyl alcohol that lasts for up to 15 minutes’ worth of operation.

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