unveils Mother and the Motion Cookies


mother-senseFirstly, I would like to establish the fact that Mother and the Motion Cookies is not the name of a new band that plays retro music, although it might sound very close like one. is the one behind Mother and the Motion Cookies, where they happen to be a bunch of smart devices that will keep the smart home company. The main objective of Mother? To help make life safer, healthier and a whole lot more fun. Mother can now be purchased from with free shipping anywhere within the US. Let us take a closer look at what Mother and the Motion Cookies are capable of right after the jump.

Basically, you will be able to use the smart sensors that are known as Cookies, to be able to be alerted should there be a home intrusion, or if you would like to know whether your kids returned home safely, to count your steps in order to stay fit, as well as be reminded to take your medicine. Each of these Cookies can be reprogrammed and assigned for other tasks over and over, depending on the existing needs and wants, making it extremely versatile as well as difficult from being obsolete.

Mother claims to be the only product on the market that delivers a single sensor with multiple uses of the users choice, compared to being a solitary device that is capable of handling just one designated task. At the end of it all, the data which is provided allows you to better manage and monitor daily activities, not to mention to make changes to your behavior or routines as and when required, so that you will ultimately be able to improve your overall well-being and peace of mind.

Mother functions as a central hub, where it will first arrive with a dozen applications, although more can be added to the mix in due time. Each Cookie will be assigned to an application and program as to know when to receive alerts and notifications. Once done, just place the Cookie on the object or person, and you’re good to go. Up to two dozen Cookies can be connected to Mother simultaneously. Mother costs $299 where it come with one Mother and one box of 4 Motion Cookies.

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