The Flyshark is a portable keyboard that looks like a phablet



When you have an ingenious idea for a written work, and only have your phone around to jot down your thoughts, it can be annoying to have to peck things out on half a screen. Not only are you unable to see all of what you’re typing, but it takes far longer to switch characters back and forth. Sometimes the extra time it takes makes you lose your train of thought, which you definitely don’t want. Having a Bluetooth keyboard around would be handy, but it’s a tad on the bulky side, as most are made to accommodate tablets.

If you want a keyboard that can be ready at a moment’s notice without taking up much space, then you might like the Flyshark. This is just a bit bigger than the size of an iPhone when folded, making it look like it could be a phablet. However, when you undo the latch, you’ll have access to a full-sized keyboard. This can give you up to 20 days worth of work time on a single charge (standby time is more than 60 days), which means it won’t be another gizmo you’ll have to worry about plugging in every evening.

This gives you the convenience of a laptop without having to carry the whole kit and caboodle with you. There are black and silver versions available, and both have an aluminum alloy shell so that it can see a few bumps and knocks without being destroyed. This will cost you $49.99, which isn’t terrible for a full-size keyboard that can pack down so easily. The only negative aspect to using tiny keyboards, is that it’s easy for people with big hands to hit the wrong keys…a lot.

Available for purchase on TouchOfModern

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