RC John Deere Tractor provides a glimpse to the world of construction


john-deere-rcNow here is a surefire way to tickle the imagination of your children or even grandchildren whenever it comes to play time, using a remote controlled toy. After all, it is through play that children learn a whole lot, and why not pique their interest right from the get go where machinery and perhaps some basic principles of building are concerned? This is what the $119.95 RC John Deere Tractor is all about, where this remote controlled toy is a whole lot more agile than your average tractor, since it is capable of popping a wheelie, spinning around in a circle, as well as perform other tricks that ought to entertain the little ones – at least for a while.

It is based on Deere’s venerable “GP” model which has been more or less omnipresent on farms since the beginnig of time. I jest, since the 1920s, but this model tractor happens to have a behaviour that is more in line with that of a monster truck than anything else, courtesy of its huge, air-filled tires and articulated steering that will allow it to perform sharp turns. It will also be guided by the three-channel 27-MHz transmitter, as the tractor stands on its rear wheels and spin 360°, and should it teeters off balance, there will be a self-correcting mechanism that will right the tractor. A 9.6-volt rechargeable battery keeps it running for up to 45 minutes, and it takes 4 hours to fully recharge.

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