Zipper Pull Watch tells the time in a jiffy


zipper-pull-watchNow that we are well in the middle of autumn, not to mention the fact that winter too, will follow suit not too long after (especially when you take into consideration just how fast time flies these days), it is time to break out all of those various jackets and clothes that will help keep us nice and warm. Many jackets do come with a zipper as you wrap yourself up tightly in one of them, so why not augment the zipper on your jacket with the $12.98 Zipper Pull Watch?

After all, most jackets do come with a long sleeve, and you would want to do all you can to keep the cold out, so looking at your watch too often might not be a good idea. With the Zipper Pull Watch, you will not only be able to give your zipper a better grip, it also comes with a built-in clock for you to tell the time in a jiffy. Oh yeah, did we mention that this puppy also comes with an integrated light? That will certainly be handy if you need to rummage through your handbag in the cinema, or simply need an emergency flashlight. Using it is a snap – just twist to turn it on. The Zipper Pull Watch is waterproof and thankfully, it uses replaceable batteries, making this one for the long haul.

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