Children’s Activity Motivator works better than threats


childrens-activity-motivatorAnyone who has had a dog and loved training it would be able to tell you that positive reinforcement works a whole lot better compared to actually keeping it on a tight leash and using harsh and loud commands. The same kind of psychology can also be applied to children, although with children, there are also emotions that come into play. Some children are naturally more obedient, while others do seem to have a mind of their own – the challenge of a parent would be to ensure that their child is motivated in the best manner possible, without having to fear of threats and spankings. Enter the $39.95 Children’s Activity Motivator.

The Children’s Activity Motivator is said to be the only activity tracker that was specially made for children, where it utilizes 50 fun active play challenges in order to encourage the development of healthy habits. One would wear this on the wrist, where the tracker’s splash-resistant color display will let the child choose and customize an animated pet that functions as a play coach. It will boast of 10 movement challenges, including hopping like a kangaroo, wiggling like a worm, or spinning like a helicopter; and parents have the option to download another 36 more movements. A progress bar will show the number of movement points collected until all 8 pets are unlocked, not to mention picking up extra rewards along the way. It will rely on USB to recharge its built-in battery, and this is one great way to get your child up and moving around instead of being glued to the TV all day long.

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