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Omniscient Siri Case

We all know that Siri is an omniscient being. She knows all, and if she says she doesn’t, she’s usually just messing with you. We only use her when we need to look something up, but what would happen if talking to Siri was the only way you could use your phone?

It’s certainly not practical, but fits the creepy theme of the October month leading into Halloween. The Omniscient Siri Case is not a means to protect your phone. It is an androgynous face that will cover your screen, appearing to constantly be smirking at you. Since your screen is blocked, and the only thing you’ll have access to are the volume and home buttons, you’ll have no choice but to talk to Siri to be able to do anything. The face coming out of the phone has hollowed eyes, so the light in them will be coming from your phone.

Of course, when it comes to needing to do more complicated measures on your phone, you can slip the case off, but it’s certainly an interesting concept. This is a 3D printed polished white plastic case from SaGa Design that will cost you around $82. While it would be hilarious to use for a day at the end of the month, it would also deter anyone from trying to use your phone. Other than that, it’s just going to be you talking to your phone alone on a regular basis.

Omniscient Siri Case 2

Available for purchase on Shapeways

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