Tetris Light Globe appeals to retro gamers


tetris-light-globeThere is just something about old school video games that seem to be able to bring a smile onto the face of many a person. After all, the things that shape our perspective tend to impact us the most when we are young, and with the $89 Tetris Light Globe, it will surely have a rather powerful appeal to retro gamers. Who cannot forget the countless hours that they had enjoying a bout of Tetris, telling our parents “just one more line, let me clear just one more line…” when it is already way past midnight?

Surely this will draw comparisons with the Interactive 8–bit Question Block Lamp which was inspired by a certain rotund Italian plumber. With the Tetris Light Globe, there is only one of its kind in the world simply because this acrylic globe is lovingly handmade, using board game pieces which are then glued onto the globe itself. There will be red, yellow and green Tetris pieces which cover a white globe, releasing a soft amber glow.At least there is no need to wait impatiently for the long tetromino in this one! Just make sure the 3″ diameter opening will fit your fixture before you place an order for this truly unique lighting fixture.

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