ThumbTrack claims to be smallest wearable mouse in the world


thumbtrackHow many of you work with a mouse on your computer – desktop or otherwise, on a regular basis? I might be using an Ultrabook at the moment, but I still make sure that I bring my mouse with me wherever I go – after all, using a mouse is a whole lot more comfortable, and dare I say it, more efficient compared to the regular touchpad? Not only that, when it comes to gaming on the computer, the mouse is the preferred mode of control, be it for MMORPGs, shoot ‘em ups, or FPS titles. Having said that, here is an interesting and alternative take on the smallest wearable mouse in the world – the ThumbTrack, which is a decent alternative to this Amenbo five-finger mouse.

The ThumbTrack hails from MindStream, and this happens to be an ergonomic, wearable ring-shaped mouse which is more than capable of handling just about all of the functions of a traditional mouse, and it requires mere simple thumb movements. In the previous Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, it managed to raise an impressive $31,667, which goes to show just how much love this particular concept has garnered.

The ThumbTrack happens to be a high-tech mouse device which sports an incredibly responsive 1200DPI. A single charge of its onboard battery will be able to deliver up to 15 hours of use, or 7 days on standby. Best of all is, you need not get bogged down by driver issues, since there is no software to install in the first place, making this a true blue plug-and-play device. There is a trio of detachable contoured rubber flaps which will allow it to be worn by all finger sizes, so if you would like to be part of history, the new ThumbTrack Indiegogo campaign has kicked off. However, it does not look as though the ThumbTrack is going to be comfortable enough for most gaming sessions, and it does look as though there is a serious learning curve attached to it.

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