The Swiss Room Box – a Tiny Camper in your Car?



Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan of camping, but there are plenty of people that are, and I guess I can see the appeal of communing with nature. Yes, there’s some fun to be had cooking under the stars, and being lulled to sleep by the miraculous sounds of nature. I just wonder why camping has to be so darn uncomfortable.

Well, not anymore, check out the Swiss Army Box, an incredibly clever, and amazingly unique modular system that can outfit your current car with a reasonable facsimile of “at-home” comforts, that are simple to use and require no modifications to your automobile. In fact, after a weekend of camping, you can remove your Room Box in order to use the trunk space of the vehicle for something else. Yup, in or out, in well under 30 minutes.

The Swiss Room Box is the ultimate in camping equipment, with models ranging from basic to mind blowing, it will  let you transform the modules into everything you could need for an almost luxurious camping experience, including a bed, a shower, kitchen, and a dining room… all without any tools! Crave a comfy bed, 2 burner stove and a hot water shower while you’re camping? You can do that! To find out if your car is compatible, watch videos, or find out pricing, please visit No, these creature comforts don’t come cheap, prices start at around 2500 bucks for the basic kit, but think of all the memories you’ll be making.

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Marqueonan Says: October 3, 2014 at 5:47 am

I think this would work out for all those girls who are to scary to go camping and sleeping on the ground

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