The Silo Mesh Card keeps aesthetics and indestructibility in mind


The Silo Mesh Card

There are times where you don’t want to carry around your wallet in its entirety. Going out for a night on the town or to a special event means wanting to carry the least amount of extra junk as possible. When it comes down to essentials, you really only need a few cards, your drivers license, and some cash.

Finding the right wallet to use for on-the-go situations can be difficult, as you want something durable, with the ability to hold everything you need it to. The Silo Mesh Card is the “world’s thinnest, lightest and strongest wallet”. It has a cage-design that is made of titanium with a scratch-resistant TiCN coating. This can hold up to 8 cards and 8 bills at one time, and comes with a silicone band to make sure everything stays in place. There’s an included bumper card that will also keep you safe from RFID theft.

Aesthetically this is wonderful, especially for those who prefer a more minimalistic route. Of course, paying $54.99 for a titanium wallet seems a little high, so they might as well add in a few special tricks. This can also act as a smartphone stand and bottle opener, because they needed extra reasons to validate making this wallet. It’s not too expensive as far as wallets go, but it would be easier to lose as you wouldn’t notice if this fell out of your pocket.

Available for purchase on TouchOfModern


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