The MeTime Eye and Temple Massager soothes tired eyes


The MeTime Eye and Temple massager

Working long hours and not getting enough sleep will do a number on your body. Usually that lifestyle coincides with not eating correctly or drinking enough water as well, leaving you tired, cranky, and feeling awful a lot of the time. While stress manifests itself most often in facial breakouts and muscle tension, it can also give you headaches, which makes doing anything a challenge. Of course, when it comes to your head hurting, the tiniest things can annoy you almost immediately since the pain is harder to ignore.

If you happen to be plagued with these frequently, then you’ve likely gone through a multitude of ways to deal with them. Drinking teas, trying to gulp down more water, or just resting your eyes for a while are solid ideas, but sometimes that’s not enough. The MeTime Eye and Temple Massager uses vibration, pressure point massage, and heat compression to relax the muscles around your temples, forehead, and eyes. It targets 11 different acupuncture points that will hopefully give your noggin a little bit of relief.

You can choose what combination of heat, compression, and music you get for the 15 minute cycle. This will cost you around $202, and will hopefully be worth the money you’d have to put into it. This will either help your headache or make it much worse, but that remains to be seen. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that you need to charge this prior to use.

Available for purchase on Unikia


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