Voice Clarifying TV Speaker goes portable


portable-voice-clarifying-tv-speakerDon’t you just love the wonders of modernization as well as progress in terms of technology? For those who happen to be in a situation where they are hard of hearing, watching the TV might not be such a good idea late into the night – especially if you happen to share a household that have other folks who need to rise up early to go to work the next day. Perhaps having devices like a voice clarifying TV speaker might help, but those are not exactly the most portable of devices out there. A genie must have heard the requests for something more mobile, which is why the $149.95 Portable Voice Clarifying TV Speaker has come about.

The Portable Voice Clarifying TV Speaker, as its name suggests, is a wireless speaker that sports voice-enhancing technology which will be able to boost the sound of television dialog. This high-fidelity stereo speaker amplifies human speech frequencies that are above background noise, allowing the spoken words to be easier to comprehend. In addition, there is a charging base which doubles up as a radio transmitter, enabling it to be connected to the audio-out ports of a TV, cable box, or compatible music system, and this portable speaker is also able to be placed anywhere within 100′. The speaker itself will sport its very own volume and tone controls, not to mention a headphone jack for private listening. A two-hour charge results in up to eight hours of listening time.

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