Samsung delivers new Power Sharing Cable


samsung-power-sharing-cableThere are ordinary looking power cables, and then there is something that Samsung has recently unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses – something that they have dubbed as the new Samsung Power Sharing Cable. In fact, taking into consideration our fairly hectic lifestyles that we lead these days, not to mention a rather busy time at home even after we have finished our work, it is not too difficult to actually run out of juice on our mobile devices simply because we forgot to charge them up earlier. With the Samsung Power Sharing Cable, it is a new manner of letting one charge between devices while they are on the go.

The Samsung Power Sharing Cable works this way – you will now have the ability to easily transfer power directly from your Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab S or any other kind of compatible Galaxy device to any micro USB-compatible device. This is a brand new Power Sharing cable which offers multi-device users a versatile manner to power p their devices, letting you share the load with your Galaxy device’s battery with another device – be it that of your own, or of someone else’s.

In order to have it work, all you need to do is to download the “Power Sharing” app straight from Samsung Apps or the Google Play store, before you choose the right amount of power that you would want to transfer. Once that is done, all that is required would be to plug in one end of the cable into the device that the power is being drawn from while plugging in the other end of the cable into the device to be charged. Since the Samsung Power Sharing Cable is portable and tiny enough to fit in a pocket and purse while you are on the move, this is truly a worthy travel companion not to be forgotten while you are away on a business trip or on a holiday. It however does come only in a shade of white, which can be a bummer.

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